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is a non-invasive, 25 minute body contouring treatment that is designed to reduce stubborn fat in the abdomen and flanks.

Target an Area with Body Contouring

SculpSure is an amazing way to feel your best and show off the hard work you put in every day. This non-invasive, light-based technology is designed to target fat cells and destroy them without surgery or any other permanent measures. The destroyed fat cells are then processed and removed naturally by our body's lymphatic system. During the procedure, you will relax with minimal discomfort on the exam table while light is applied to the desired area. Things start off with a four minute warm up followed by twenty minutes of active treatment where you may feel the laser's energy heat up and change in intensity throughout the session. So, if you're looking for a non-invasive method to achieve your ideal body, look no further!

Lose Fat in All the Right Places

We provide SculpSure treatments for various areas of the body. Our certified professionals specialize in sculpting and contouring under the chin, abdomen, love handles, back and inner/outer thighs. As the leading non-invasive body contouring technology available, SculpSure treatments can help reduce stubborn pockets of fat without the need for surgery or invasive liposuction procedures. With over 8 million treatments performed worldwide, you can trust that our experienced technicians will deliver outstanding results with SculpSure at The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine.

Say Hello to a Slimmer, More Confident You with Sculpsure

SculpSure from the Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine is a great way to sculpt your figure and reduce stubborn fat. With no surgery or downtime, this treatment offers many benefits that can help you look and feel better than ever. Not only is SculpSure safe and has  mild discomfort, but it also helps you remove fat more quickly and easily than traditional methods by utilizing advanced laser technology. This means that in just 25 minutes you can enjoy long-lasting results with less effort. The greatest benefit of all? You'll be well on your way to achieving your ideal body shape without compromising your health or wellbeing!

Appointment Length
Brief appointments, Typically 30 minutes, Efficient time investment.
Minimal downtime required, Resume activities promptly, Swift recovery process.
Treatment Area
Target specific areas, Focused Lower body enhancement, Precise, tailored treatment.


If you're considering treatment with SculpSure, the first step is to schedule a consultation. Before your appointment, the team will take your weight and calculate your BMI to get an understanding of overall health. Then, they'll take pictures of the targeted area, which will help them determine how many laser(s) may be needed for treatment. Please wear dark clothing and undergarments preferably black.

After that, they'll fit you with the device during the appointment to decide exactly how many are necessary. Based on the number of treatments needed, pricing can then be confirmed. Come and let The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine find a personalized SculpSure treatment plan for you!

Please arrive well hydrated, have eaten lightly, and no sun exposure to the area being treated for 7 days prior. We also recommend that you refrain from using any topical creams or oils the day of your appointment. We are unable to treat over tattoos, scars, or nodules. Men will need to shave the area being treated.

It is essential that you arrive on time: if it becomes necessary to reschedule, make sure you notify us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a late fee. Be sure to review all relevant paperwork before your appointment and bring any medical history documents that may be requested by your health-care provider or our staff.

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After your sculpsure procedure, you can get back to the daily grind! You just need to make sure to keep properly hydrated and massage the treated area periodically for about two weeks. You may initially experience mild pinkness or redness or tenderness. The tenderness may last up to two weeks. You may use cold compresses and/or take acetaminophen. Do not take an anti-inflammatory such as Advil, Aleve, or Motrin. This would counteract the result we want. Again, you may resume normal daily activities including exercise immediately post treatment.

By week 12 you should be able to recognize the full effects of the procedure! And if you're looking for a bit more slimming action, it's recommended that you follow up with a second treatment.

The first treatment results in an impressive 24% reduction of fat cells and an additional 21% reduction is expected when following up with an additional treatment.

Moreover, several before and after photos will be taken to observe how much progress has been made!


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