Orchid Facial Club

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy skin, then look no further than The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine Facial Membership program

Our Monthly Membership

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy skin, then look no further than The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine Facial Membership program: Orchid Facial Club. We have designed this program with convenience and flexibility in mind – you can enjoy effortless monthly treatments tailored to your individual needs without compromising your lifestyle. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you every step of the way. So, why wait any longer? Join Orchid Facial Club now and experience the benefits of clear and glowing skin all year round!

Benefits for joining

Joining the Facial Club is a must if you want to save money while achieving healthier, younger looking skin. With exclusive access to 5% off all Skinceutical products, and our own line of products. Average 25% savings with each facial.  For an additional $20, our Facial can be upgraded to a Chemical Peel. Members can protect their complexion and stay within their budget. Enjoy getting your favorite cleansers, serums, and moisturizers at an unbeatable price – why wait? Join today and start tapping into the incredible benefits of being a member!

Program Details

The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine is dedicated to helping customers look and feel their best all year round. Our membership program offers a way to save money on facial treatments while receiving personalized service and appointments that are stress-free. Customers receive one facial a month tailored to their individual needs, and can save up to 25% per facial. It is recommended that facials be scheduled every 4 weeks, and there is a minimum of 3 months of services before opting out of the membership. Upgrades such as chemical peels or hydrodermabrasions are also available for an additional fee. Appointments usually last between 45-60 minutes and should not be done immediately after Botox or fillers. Recurring payments will be charged on the same day each month, and members must cancel 7 days prior to their next bill date if they wish to opt out of the program.

Reasons You Should Have a Facial

  • Restores life, buoyancy, and resilience to your skin.

  • Promotes strong, healthy skin for resistance to the toxic effects of intrinsic aging and atmospheric stressors.

  • Stress reliever.

  • Treats dry skin by hydrating, softening, smoothing, and giving your skin a glow.

  • Regular massage stimulates blood flow to aid oxygen and nutrients to the skin and underlying tissue.

  • Increases collagen production and elasticity.

  • Extractions of congested pores and improves existing breakouts.

  • Radiant skin will boost your self-confidence.

  • You deserve it.

These are the particulars of our Orchid Facial Club…

  • Every month receive one facial designed specifically to meet your needs. Minimum of three.

  • Recommended time between facials is 4 weeks.

  • You may gift your facial to another person.

  • 5% discount on SkinCeutical Line Products.

  • You may upgrade to a chemical peel for an additional fee.

  • Allow approximately 45 to 60 minutes appointment time.

  • Cannot be performed immediately after Botox or filler installation. Inquire about additional contraindications as pertains to chemical peels.

  • VIP Peels cannot be substituted.

  • Only Stipulation is: Minimum of 3 facials.

Orchid Facial Club

Join Orchid Facial Club now and experience the benefits of clear and glowing skin all year round!

  • Micropeel Sensitive

  • 20% Glycolic

  • 30% Glycolic

  • 20% Salicylic

  • 30% Salicylic

  • Pigment Balancing

Upgradable Chemical Peels for $95

  • Soothing Facial - $75/month-Relieves redness and irritated skin

  • Hydrating Facial - $75/month-Restore your glow by replenishing moisture back into dehydrated skin

  • Deep Pore Cleaning Treatment - $75/month-Extractions of congested pores with reducing oil

Choose One Treatment Each Month


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