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Feeling discomfort or self-conscious about the size of the labia can be an incredibly distressing experience for any woman. Thankfully, The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine is here to provide non-invasive labial correction that can help ease this issue. Our FemiTight™ treatment uses special FemiLift™ technology to resurface and stimulate collagen production in vaginal tissue, creating a tightening effect that can help restore confidence and comfort. This procedure require no downtime and provides long-term results that make you feel good about your body. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin – don't wait another day to get started on reclaiming your life!

The FemiTight™ procedure is a fast and effective way to correct your labia without surgery. Not only is it comfortable and non-invasive, but it's also extremely safe with durable results that last. Plus, you don't have to take any time off after the procedure! Plus, you can expect to see noticeable improvements in the laxity of your labia after just one session! If you're looking for an easy and straightforward solution with long-lasting results, this is the perfect option for you.

The FemiTight™ procedure is a gentle, effective way of restoring the tissue in your labia and vagina. Utilizing advanced CO2 laser technology, the procedure delivers targeted heat to your tissue and foments structural changes through the production of collagen and elastin. Not only will you notice immediate results after your treatment, but you can also benefit from sustained rejuvenation as the healthy skin cells created by the elastin and collagen give you a younger look for longer periods of time. Contact us today and start enjoying the beauty of new, revitalized tissue!

Appointment Length
Brief appointments, Typically 30 minutes, Efficient time investment.
Minimal downtime required, Resume activities promptly, Swift recovery process.
Treatment Area
Target specific areas, Focused private body part. Precise, tailored treatment.


FemiTight™ is a non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate the labia and surrounding area. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes and is relatively comfortable.

During the procedure, you will feel the warmth of the laser energy over the female external genitalia. This process will restore the tissue to a more youthful appearance. Patients are very relaxed during the treatment so why not give FemiTight a try today?

The only sensation you may feel is a mild heat, but generally patients are very relaxed during the treatment. So why not give FemiTight™ a try today?

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Following a FemiTight™ treatment, you can immediately go back to your normal daily activities and work without needing any downtime or recovery period.

Results will start to become noticeable within the next few weeks as collagen and elastin begin to produce a firmer and more toned look of the female genitalia.

Improvement will continue to develop over a period of one or two months, providing a much desired result that can last up to six months.


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